Divorce and Alimony changes, Update on Senate Bill 748 & House Bill 549

Everyone needs to get out there and contact their local senate and house representative, as well as the sponsors of this bill to show their opposition. I just received notification that Senate Bill 748 is on the Committee Agenda for 01/31/12 (which means that House Bill 549 won’t be far behind). These bills are not going to die on their own! Please take the extra time to call and/or email your local representative!

If these bills go through, alimony and divorce law will be gutted, including many of the existing awards. Women may be forced to stay in abusive and adulterous relationships, just because they chose to be a full time Mom and Wife instead of pursuing a career. If these bills pass, many women (who would otherwise be able to have some support options) will be left destitute, homeless, on welfare and on other public assistance, instead of their Husband’s being required to continue to support them (which costs us taxpapers money!!).

The rationale behind alimony is that the Husband would not have been able to pursue his career, (travel for his job in order to obtain promotions, work the long hours necessary to obtain promotions) and still have children that were well cared for and involved with school and other extracurricular activities, a clean home, and breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared, his laundry done, etc. etc., but for the fact that he had a stay at home Wife whose full time job was managing the house, taking care of the children and taking care of her Husband’s needs. As a result of their choices, the Husband now earns a great living, whereas the Wife is unable to hold much more than a minimum wage job, if that.

Therefore, in the event of divorce after a long term marriage, Husband should be required to continue to give some portion of his earnings to Wife so that she can live without being on public assistance, and possibly go back to school or learn some sort of job skill so that she can become self supporting in the future. Of course, if she’s 50 years old at the time of the divorce and has never worked a day in her life, then the likelihood of ever becoming self supporting is minimal.

Please contact your local representatives, as well as the sponsors of these bills.

You can find your florida house representative through the following link:


You can find your florida senator through the following link:


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